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Blue Merle Poodle with Blue Eyes

Breed:Poodle Puppies
Age:3 Years
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Updated on:4/15/2014
Contact Info
Name:Kathy B.
Location:Opelousas, LA 70570
puppy_wanted:beautiful looking pups.
Gorgeous blue merle poodle puppy with two blue eyes. If you are a unique person and like color and pazzaz in your life, then this puppy will fit perfectly in your life. Here at Perfect Peks Kennel we pride ourselves on the beautiful, healthy, playful, and good demeanored puppies we produce. Because we only give the best care while the puppies are here with us our puppies are highly sought after because people know they are getting the very best. I specialize in breeding t-cup, tiny toy, and toy pekingese, poodles some merles, pomeranians, and pekapoos that are beautiful, good quality, have good temperments, and are healthy. Please visit our websitewww.perfectpekskennel.com to meet our furry family and find out more about our exceptional puppies. Call 337-290-9782 for more information on this puppy, dont miss the opportunity to own a very unique dog.