_Champion Sired Flashy Toy Blue Merle Female ~ Makani

Breed:Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies
Age:6 Months
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Updated on:9/28/2021
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Name:Melinda V.
Location:Stockton, UT 84071
~Lulus Lil Flashy Toy Blue Merle Female ~ full collar perfect blaze a marble eye a brown eye ~ “Makani~ EXTRAORDINARY FLASHY BLUE MERLE She has it all, perfect marking and a personality to match Talk about a head-turner This dynamite little lady commands an audience wherever she goes. She is a stunning flashy merle with abundant merling. As striking as her color is, she is such a docile and tender little heart. She loves to snuggle her siblings and person and enjoys a light power-nap and good read now and then.  Many dogs from these same lines are service dogs and wonderful companions. Her parents are my most sought after dogs. They put such wonderful temperaments on their babys. Her dame is our Lulu’s Lil Snowie and her sire is our Lulu’s Lil Champion Rockin’ Ryker. Based on her size and past litters, I estimate she will finish around 10-20 lbs 11-13 inches.