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_Champion Damed Champion Sired Black Tri Female, Roxie

Breed:Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies
Age:17 Months
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Updated on:3/4/2019
Contact Info
Name:Melinda V.
Location:Stockton, UT 84071
~Lulus Lil Champion Bred Tiny/Small Toy with Deep Dark Copper 2 Deep Brown Eyes. Roxie Roxie is a very charming girl, she has great bone for as small she is. Her tan accents add character to her. She will have a long soft coat. She has a perfect ear set. She has a dynamite personality, playful, friendly, snugly but most of all she loves her belly rubbed. We estimate Roxie reaching 5-9 lbs. This little tiny muffin will steal your heart from the moment you meet her. Both of her parents are championed. She comes from a long line of toys and some of the old Rim Fire lines.Her dam is Champion Fresca and her sire is Champion Orbit. She is ASDR registerable.