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Breed:Maltipoo Puppies
Age:4 Months
Updated on:12/6/2018
Contact Info
Name:NEW P.
Location:Orange Ca, CA 92686
Lonniasher:I would not trust this person to buy puppies from. I wanted a maltipoo she showed me a picture and said he was 2lb 12 weeks old. So I was very excited and made the $100 deposit when her nephew brought the puppy to my house he looks way bigger and heavier than 2 lb pup. I paid $1,500 for this pup. The next day I found out that he’s scratching his ears like crazy. I knew there’s something wrong and tried called and text her and she’s doesn’t respond. She lied about puppy mill and how many people out there selling it for cheap. Honestly the cheap one are healthy and better than what she was telling me. She said the amount I’m paying is worth it’s cause it quality puppy. Lied and lied and more lied about her puppies are being quality. She’ll lie to you about the weight of the pup just so she can sale to you and get your money. Once she gets your money you will not hear from her again. Beware of this person and I would not trust her.
amart02s:Do you still have her? What is the size/weight of the parents? Im looking for one to keep my Mom company. Shes been lonely since Dad passed away a few years ago and says shes ready for a dog. Let me know. Thanks AmberElaineMartin@gmail.com
Teddy bear face that will melt your heart, licensed breeder, health warranty, vaccination card extremely rare color and marking to find, SUPER POPULAR 9 weeks old female, vaccinations, deworms up to date, call if you are a serious buyer, shipping available with additional $400, CALL 818-416-2522, DONT MESSAGE ON THE WEBSITE Video available 818-416-2522