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Breed:Labrador Retriever Puppies
Age:13 Months
Updated on:3/7/2018
Contact Info
Name:Sarah B.
Location:Lucasville, OH 45648
Little miss Harper is as sweet as she can be. She was hand raised and very spoiled. She loves playing with my three children and is nose first into everything. She will make an exceptional pet for a family with young children. Her mom is a house pet named Harley. She is super sweet and has never met a stranger. She was one of our puppies that went to a pet homed years ago but come back to us a few months ago because her family could no longer keep her. We made the assumption she was spayed because of the scare on her stomach. Being well over 2 I never would have thought they had not spayed her. Well we figured out that they had not spayed her when we found her and our boy Bear tied. 63 days later we welcomed the surprise litter. Because Harley is not one we ever planned to breed, we have not ran our usual clearances on her. So we have discounted these puppies to reflect that. Harley comes from completely health tested parents and does not carry EIC, CNM, DM and PRA because her parents are clear. So her puppies can never have these diseases. They are being offered to pet homes for $700.00. We are excepting $250.00 deposits to hold your pick. These puppies will not be offered on Full registration under any circumstances, so please do not inquire about full registration. They will come with AKC limited registration only. Their father Bear is health tested and beautiful. We have owned his line for multiple generations and have several of his pups and grandpups in our breeding program. These pups are a mix of English and American lines. So size and build may vary. Their dad is 90 pounds and English, while their mom is around 50 pounds and American. We only breed English now, so Harley is our only American type and once the pups are weaned we have found her a pet home with friends of ours. We only had her a few weeks when she surprised us with the heat cycle. These pups are being raise inside and are being litter box trained. They are handled daily by 3 children and are well adjusted to family life and a very active house. We expect them to have your average labrador personality, Not couch potatoes but not overly hyper either. They should be highly trainable like their parents and have a nice drive to please their family. I will evaluate all the pups before people select their puppies for personality and hunting drive. So you will have a good idea on what to expect and can make an educated decision on which of our puppies is best for your family and living situation. For more information call me at 740-858-7560.