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LAB AKC OFA OFEL CERF English Lines Yellow, Chocolate Black

Breed:Labrador Retriever Puppies
Age:8 Years
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Updated on:8/9/2010
Contact Info
Name:Chris R.
Location:Valley Springs, CA 95252
puppy_wanted:beautiful looking pups.
See new Video’s of Puppies every week as they grow. Generations of Good Hips, Blocky Heads, stout bodies thick fur. Go to www.rufflabradors.com for full details. For pictures info of pups and parents, click on “Puppies”, then click on names to go to each parents pages for more info. Then click on Weekly Puppy Report for puppy pictures. Or call 209-786-2437 home, 209-470-7833 pager. Hip Eye Guarantee. $1100. Pups already use a doggie door to go potty outside by the time they are 5 weeks old. So you are already on your way to potty training. The pups are handled by adults and kids from the day they are born. We are in Valley Springs, about 40 minutes from Modesto, Stockton, Lodi. 1 hour from Sac. Beautiful country drive. Stud service available. Breeding since 1992