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Full Euro working Doberman puppies for sale

Breed:Doberman Pinscher Puppies
Age:6 Years
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Updated on:6/15/2009
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Name:steve p.
Location:Payson, UT 84651
Rubys last litter turned out simply amazing and we cant wait to see this group of outstanding red puppies on the ground Ruby passes to her offspring great prey and defense drive, as well as her beautiful structure. She is the sweetest family companion, but very fierce in her protection, be sure to visit her page to see more pictures Uragan passes his correct and powerful build to his offspring as well as his eagerness and willingness to work. Visit Uragans page to see more of his pictures as well. This will be a great protective family companion litter and sport/show prospects. Log in to our live PuppyCam to see live video of our pups 24/7