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Breed:French Bulldog Dogs
Age:2 Years
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Updated on:12/28/2017
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Name:D C.
Location:Riverside, CA 92504
iWantToBuyaPuppy:beautiful looking puppy! good luck with the sale
Meet Cinnamon, this little girl is just amazing. Dna tested- Dd bb atay. She will produce beautiful lilac tris, chocolate trios, blue trios when breed to the right male. She is small and compact and only 22lbs. She is also from a large litter and had lilac liter mates. She has already had her first heat 5 months ago. Due to be in heat any day now. She will make a great addition to a small breeding program. We are taking a break from breeding and placing all co-owned adults. SO dont contact us for trades, puppy backs or co-own. We have already had issues in the past and not looking for such deals. Asking only $7,000 with full akc for breeding age girl. She has never had a litter and will be ready to breed in the next few months. Contact us today if you are interested. 909-999-63330 exoticfrenchies@yahoo.com