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Columbo Von Ramoni

Breed:Rottweiler Studs
Age:3 Years
Stud Fee:$1,000
Updated on:7/11/2019
Contact Info
Owner:Ramoni Rotts
Name:Mary W.
Location:Ofallon, MO 63366
AKC Registered and Certified Pedigree, International Champion bloodline- We wanted to keep his sire’s line going and Columbo is everything and more we ever hoped for – gentle giant, family member, attentive, loyal, handsome, noble, always patrols and keeps tabs on everyone while still is affectionate. Over the past 30 years, we have raised over 10 rottweilers and Columbo is selfless, has a heart of gold and intuitive disposition that was apparent within hours of his birth. We are happy to share his amazing story, the pictures to back it up, and why we fell in love with him. Exceptional temperament and intelligence, superior size, 28 “ tall, 153 lb., DOB 11/04/2016