Guinness Stout Belly Brindle pug

Breed:Pug Studs
Age:8 Years
Stud Fee:$500
Updated on:2/22/2018
Contact Info
Name:Andy S.
Location:Mount Joy, PA 17552
Guinness is a pure breed, brindle pug. He is registered with AKC and CKC. His personality and marking are both amazing and makes for amazing puppies. To date, Guinness has sired 6 litters of puppies for a total of 34 pups and all but 3 were brindle. We do require a signed contract be completed prior to stud service. Our contract requires that the dame be in good health, up to date on all vaccinations and reasonably receptive to breeding. In return we guarantee that our stud is in good health, up to date on all vaccinations and we will sign off on AKC and/or CKC paper work. We do also offer up to 2 additional stud services if the first breeding does not take, however, Guinness has sired all his litters on the first breeding. Pictures of our stud can be supplied upon inquiry.