Disco Jams

Breed:Poodle Studs
Age:2 Years
Stud Fee:$800
Website:View Website
Updated on:9/22/2023
Contact Info
Name:Andrew M.
Location:Fresno, CA 93705
Hey there, folks Prepare to have your heart stolen by the one and only Disco, the paws-itively charming AKC and GANA Blue Ribbon Stud, Red Miniature Poodle 🐾 Disco is not your average poodle – hes a superstar With a temperament thats smoother than a disco ball, this furry dynamo is ready to boogie his way into your heart and home. 💃 Hes a party animal who loves meeting new furry friends and people – hes practically the life of the paw-ty 🎉 Especially with kids, hes a gentle, tail-wagging ball of fur thatll make you say aww in no time. But wait, theres more Disco comes from a line of champions and has been genetically tested by the finest in the business, like Paw Print Genetics, Embark, and OFAs. His health and genes are as top-notch as his dance moves 💪 If youre thinking of a furry family expansion, Disco is up for some matchmaking Whether you prefer old-school romance side-by-side or long-distance love shipping, hes got you covered. 💌 And let me tell you, hes all about commitment – no sneaky reproductive diseases will ruin the fun. Plus, theres a disco guarantee – if your lady pup doesnt end up pregnant, Disco offers a free session on the next heat 🆓 Just show proof from the vet, and hes ready to hit the dance floor again. So, if you want your furry fam to boogie on down with the genetically sound and loving Disco, dont wait Contact us now or check out our groovy website for more details. 🕺