Jasper of Gucci

Breed:Poodle Studs
Age:21 Months
Stud Fee:$1,500
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Updated on:9/16/2023
Contact Info
Owner:Jasper of Gucci
Name:Jason D.
Location:Spencerville, IN 46788
Meet Jasper, our handsome rare TRICOLOR Miniature AKC POODLE with DNA testing results available from Embark, Pawprint, Gensol and amazing Demeanor Colors include E/e, ky/ky, at/at, B/B, D/D, M/m, S/S but throws plenty of abstract white, suspect Irish Spotting. Red Intensity 7/10 Coat traits Furnishings /, Curl / HEALTH ALL CLEAR with exception one copy of CDDY /- OFA normal of Eyes, Cardiac, Patellar, Elbows, Pennhip Confirmation EXCELLENT Temperament Highly motivated to follow commands, playful, naturally trainable, 1 Friendly toward all people, including well-behaved children 2 Friendly toward other friendly dogs 3 Eliminates appropriately 4 Readily gives up control of food, toys and other objects to owner 5 Relaxed during normal handling and touching 6 Calms down quickly after being startled or getting excited 7 Not overly fearful of normal events 8 Barks when appropriate, but not excessively 9 Plays well with people without becoming too rough 10 Plays well with other dogs 11 Plays with its own toys and doesn’t damage owner’s possessions often 12 Affectionate without being needy 13 Adapts to change with minimal problems 14 Usually responds to owner’s request or commands, such as sit, stay, come CONTACT US TO TAKE ADVANTAGE IF THIS DREAMY UNICORN STUD DOG Pregnancy guaranteed or next breeding free