Sir Winston of the Stone Arch

Breed:Poodle Studs
Age:22 Months
Stud Fee:$850
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Updated on:10/5/2022
Contact Info
Owner:Stone Arch
Name:MJ S.
Location:Plymouth, MN 55447
AKC Moyen Phantom Abstract Poodle. OFA Eyes, Thyroid, Elbows, Pennhip Good. 23# and 18 to withers. Winston has an amazing temperament - he is happy, playful, obedient, smart and gets along wonderfully with humans and dogs alike. Embark clear, Canine Health Check - carries 1 copy of IVDD/CDDY. AT/AT, B/B, D/D, E/e, F/F, KY/KY, S/sp, CUc/CUc, No Melanistic Mask. Semen analysis complete - very good quality. Can ship via Repro Vet Clinic. Live cover with negative Brucellosis test.