Breed:Poodle Studs
Age:21 Months
Stud Fee:$1,200
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Updated on:7/23/2021
Contact Info
Name:Valerie M.
Location:Deer Park, WA 99006
Meet Alastor. He is an almost two year old moyen poodle weighing approximately 35 lbs and standing 20 inches. He is located in Spokane, WA, but shipping is available for no extra. He is available for both live cover and shipped services. Genetic Testing IVDD - 1 Copy PRCD - 1 Copy Otherwise clear Coat Trait Testing E/E Kb/ky can produce pups able to show A locus at/a phantom/ recessive base carrier b/b brown based S/S F/F two copies of furnishings CuC/CuC two copies of curl https// OFA Testing Pennhips .26 Top 5 in the World Pre-lims Elbow Normal Shoulders Normal Cardiac Normal Eyes Normal Patellas Normal Thyroid Normal https// Diversity Testing Haplotype 1 1001 | 2001 Haplotype 2 1109 | 2012 Internal Relatedness = 0.00 https// Portfolio https// Website