Captain Scooby Doo - I Guarantee his stud service

Breed:Poodle Studs
Age:4 Years
Stud Fee:$1,500
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Updated on:12/5/2022
Contact Info
Name:Sharon R.
Location:Spring, TX 77373
Collection and overnighting to you, Captain Scooby Doo’s semen $1,500 State of the Art reproduction program, Suburbia North Animal Hospital collecting and packaging Captain Scooby Doo’s semen, I over night fresh Chilled semen to your Veterinarian of choice, I Guarantee his stud service and have recommendations to back it up Captain Scooby Doo is a recessive red Standard Poodle. We know this because his E locus is the most dominant of the loci, and he has two copies of recessive e. His litter’s of puppies have shown time and time again of party mix, Reds with abstract white, apricot and creams, I have attached a picture of one of Captain Scooby Doo’s off Spring of Image #3 below To describe Captain Scooby Doo, he is a Stunning, Intelligent, Loyal, Loving like a human companion, he gives human hugs ever morning to me, he is just amazing, This AKC Red Standard Poodle, weighing in around 45 to 50lbs. Captain Scooby Doo has had genetic testing through Embark and is cleared of 207 genetic diseases, also Tested and Cleared through Paw Print Genetics , also a clear Brucellosis, Certified Pedigree through AKC, I Guarantee his Stud service, Captain Scooby Doo’s past 3 litters were all healthy puppies, 12 puppies from first two litter’s, 9 puppies 3rd litter, reds, apricot and creams, A number of them were party mix and white abstract, Moms were a Goldendoodle F1b they choose Captain Scooby Doo to be the Stud-Dad, I have Pictures of off -Springs available, pictures of Captain Scooby Doo’s Mom and Dad are available, Canine Genetic Health Certificate with Paw Print Genetics, Embark results shows no detection on over 207 diseases , AKC registration papers are posted on website, if you text me i can send you a link to my FB to read my reviews, I am blessed with well over 3,000 followers, I have 5 ⭐️ I’m available 24 7 To walk to through the process, My goal is to ensure your Momma to give birth to healthy puppies, also past people that have use Captain Scooby Doo’s service’s are happy to talk to you in sharing their experience and how happy they are with The number of puppies they had in their litter