Breed:Poodle Studs
Age:3 Years
Stud Fee:$1,000
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Updated on:3/30/2022
Contact Info
Name:Tasia J.
Location:Benjamin, UT 84660
AKC and CKC registered Toy Poodle Stud he is a tiny guy weighing 6lbs and only 10 tall. He has really loose wavy dark red curls. Loki has been throwing mostly dark red puppies even when paired with lighter colored females. He has excellent structure and is very balanced he does not have short lets and has yet to throw any short legs even with paired with our 50lb mommas. He has been breed with females as small as 5lbs and as big as about 55lbs without any confirmation issues. He has a perfect bite, not something easy to find in his size. Little Loki does not let his size slow him down, he consistently has sperm counts and mobility as high as or higher than my bigger studs despite less quantity due to his size. He throws nice large litters with beautiful little pups. Loki is a lover boy, he prefers to cuddle in your lap most of the day but also loves to play fetch and chase around his best friend that is a cat, his cat friend is bigger than he is. They are quite the pair together. Loki loves dogs of all sizes and is not intimidated by the bigger girls like a lot of little dogs are. OFA Testing​ Heart Normal Patella Normal Coat Color Genetics Furnishings- Fully furnished F/F Curl Coat- Double Curl C/C E Locus- ee K Locus- KBky A Locus- atat D Locus- DD B Locus- BB Saddle Tan- ll S-Locus- SS M Locus- mm He is genetically clear for all health conditions embark tests for except for that he does carry one copy of the Type 1 IVDD, we have sent off testing for this through UC Davis to confirm as Embark is not reliable in this testing and will update this once confirmed. Stud Fee $1,000 Does not include cost of shipping please inquire for pricing. Unlike most stud owners, we are extremely careful not to overuse our studs to ensure quality collections. Our stud collections are regularly tested with a reproductive specialist, and they have consistently had excellent collections with high counts and mobility. They are available for outside stud service to approved breeders so long as they are not covering our own girls. We are located in Utah but regularly ship fresh chilled semen all over the USA If you are interested in using one of our studs please call or text the number listed for each stud, with breeding being time sensitive this is the quickest way to receive a response. We are happy to work with both new and experienced breeders. Contact Tasia 801-691-9741 We also own and stud out Barkley Finn an 8lb AKC CKC registered poodle, Indy a 12lb AKC mini poodle, Toby an 11lb CKC registered Cavapoo and Ridge a CKC registered Multi Generational Goldendoodle.