Gus - Toy poodle 7lbs

Breed:Poodle Studs
Age:5 Years
Stud Fee:$700
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Updated on:11/20/2022
Contact Info
Name:JILL S.
Location:Mesa, AZ 85207
Kalluna:Hi there, do you ship AI to Canada?
#LittleGusThePoodle Gus is a toy poodle stud - 7lbs. He is a silver poodle. His father is a Parti poodle - you can see Gus has a white diamond on his chest. Gus carries for Parti, Tri colors, and Sable. He has thrown black/white puppies, chocolate puppies, cream/white puppies, and sable puppies. We have a full DNA color panel if you want additional details. The stud fee includes a Brucellosis Test or provide a negative/clear result from your vet. Text Jill 602-628-0301 - I’m happy to answer questions. Breeding Services Are Available, Artificial insemination, Progesterone Testing Services and Brucellosis Testing Looking for Mini and Standard Doodle breeds - Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Sheepadoodle, and other fabulous doodle breeds. Also, Yorkiepoos and other small designer dog breeds. Please CALL OR TEXT DIRECTLY 602-628-0301 - I rarely login and check messages on this website. I can get back to you much sooner if you call or text. Thank you