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Pongo The Poodle

Breed:Poodle Studs
Age:11 Months
Stud Fee:$500
Updated on:8/15/2017
Contact Info
Name:Eduardo M.
Location:Woodland, CA 95776-4204
PongoHattie Hattington is a standard parti Poodle who romps regally through Woodland California. He enjoys long runs, chasing his tennis ball, and listening well to commands. Pongo is just shy of one year and has already been proven once. Pongo is phenomenal with infants, other dogs, and cats. He is protective of his home and warns of any intruders too close to the premises. Standing at 25 inches, he surpasses expectations daily with his ability to learn quickly and his high retrieval drive. Pongos stud fee is $500 at the moment and includes a second free breeding if your dog does not get pregnant. The stud fee is to be paid in full during the initial onset of the breeding regardless number of ties. Unless different terms are agreed upon by the owners. Pongo ensures a pregnancy or another free attempt. Keep those tails wagging, -Eddie