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Sir Henry - Standard Poodle

Breed:Poodle Studs
Age:4 Years
Stud Fee:$750
Updated on:10/6/2018
Contact Info
Name:Emily R.
Location:Peoria, AZ 85383
srenoth:Yes He is very persistent. He has another litter due any day now.
srenoth:Hes 28 and half inches and 70 lbs.
Sallythea:How big is Henry?
srenoth:Thank you. Henry bred for the first time about two months ago and was successful. He actually got the job done quite quickly and seemed like hes been doing it for years. His first mate is due anytime within the next week. Are you looking for a stud? What kind of dog do you have?
icemank9:Nice looking stud dog, is he persistent?
Sir Henry, the AKC registered, champion bloodline, gentle giant is a healthy standard poodle. He is available for a negotiable stud service. He has a handsome parti color of brindle, black, white, and grey. He is 28 1/2 inches in height and is three years old. Contrary to his his size, he has a kind and gentle disposition. He is patient and very understanding with his two-year-old human sister. Henry performs quickly and is persistent. He has sired five litters with his biggest litter being 15 beautiful puppies. He will make beautiful babies with Poodles, Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Old English Sheep Dogs, Australian Shepherds, and more Please email Emily at anzini.e@gmail.com or text/call me 623341-0105 for Henrys litter pictures and/or with further questions. Best wishes, Emily