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Red Man Done to Perfection at Araeahs

Breed:Poodle Studs
Age:3 Years
Stud Fee:$1,800
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Updated on:3/20/2017
Contact Info
Name:Rae Ellen C.
Location:Eau Claire, WI 54701
kats:hi I saw your poodle and wondering if hes still available for stud.
bgirl324:Interested. Can you please contact me? billiejo324@gmail.com
AKC registered, fully health tested and verifiable on OFA website. Proven stud, over 9 litters on the ground, all litters born in 2016 2017...1st litter Rubie/Percy 11 puppies produced, 2nd litter Em-Me/Percy 12 puppies produced and 3rd litter Bella/Percy 8 puppies produced all rich dark red...very gentle, sweet and loving Standard. He is 25 tall and 57 lbs. You can view photos of him on my website and many photos of all litters on my FaceBook page at Araeahs Red Standard Poodles All bitches will have to have a current Brucellosis test done...whether shipping semen live, fresh or chilled for the protection of the puppies. All bitches must have a microchip.