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Bradleys Lonestar Teddy Bear

Breed:Pomeranian Studs
Age:5 Years
Stud Fee:Pick of the Litter
Updated on:10/10/2019
Contact Info
Owner:Priceless Poms
Name:Bradley S.
Location:Tower City, PA 17980
maewing:looking for a stud for my 1yr old pomsky unfortunately she has more sky then pom she will be going into her second heat in dcember she is a beautiful dog plz contact me at anp820@yahoo.com
Teddy is my stud dog I have for my two females. I have done some stud services for some other peoples poms as well, and so far we have had a 100 breeding success rate. He has sired 10 litters. He is AKC registered with champions in his bloodlines. He has been DNA tested and has an excellent health history. His temperament is very good like most poms are He weighs 7 lbs and has all the looks of a champion- stocky legs, bright eyes, curled tail, and thick furry hair. Please contact me if you wish to see more pictures of him or pups hes sired. I do a $100 fee to board and breed your dog, and then $100 per puppy that is born. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have Thank-you Bradley Stauffer