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Champion Poets Prime Time

Breed:Parson Russell Terrier Studs
Age:10 Years
Stud Fee:$500
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Updated on:2/14/2019
Contact Info
Name:April A.
Location:Riverside, CA 92585
Offering Champion Poets Prime Time AKA Winston at stud to approved females. Winston is a brown/white broken coat Parson Russell Terrier male. He stands 13 1/2 inches tall. Winston has nice head and bone and GREAT angulation. He has lovely movement with a nice ground covering stride. With his long elegant neck and flowing movement, Winston will add elegance and balance to most females. He finished his UKC Show Champion title his first weekend out and was a judge favorite. On top of his lovely conformation, he has a wonderful temperament and is a very kid friendly family dog. Not only is Winston a fantastic family and show dog in his own right, he is ROYALLY bred Winston is a direct son of the 2008 #1 AKC ranked Parson Russell Terrier in the United States- Champion Star Valley Double Double Winstons mother is also an AKC Champion and daughter of AKC Champion and leading sire, Champion Posey Canyon Eyes Of Storm. Both of Winstons parents are top AKC Champions, as well as all four of his grand parents. BAER/CERF/PLL clear. PLEASE VISIT OUR FULL WEB SITE AT www.wendoverterriers.com OR CONTACT US AT wendoverterriers@yahoo.com or 951-489-9564