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Breed:Miniature Australian Shepherd Studs
Age:6 Years
Stud Fee:$800
Updated on:3/27/2019
Contact Info
Name:Danielle M.
Location:Milliken, CO 80543
gig5152004:We are interested in the stud service if you can contact me 719 2432903 thanks Curtis
icemank9:Nice looking stud dog, is he persistent?
Black Tri Red Factory Miniature Australian Shepherd registered AKC Miniature American Shepherd available for stud. He is 4yrs old. stud fee is a Puppy from litter OR $800. He is very athletic as well as a huge lover Owner of female must be willing to test there dog for Brucella we will test our male right before as well before breeding happens. As well as there dog must be up to date on all shots He is a larger mini but still with in the standards of the AKC. He was the largest in his litter. Mom was a Red Tri and Dad was a black Tri. Gus is from Michigan. For more info on blood line or info on our dog Gus email me. His hips/elbows/patella OFA certification is done his certification for hips says good and elbows say normal. He has been tested for all of these genetic tests as well MDR1, HU, CEA, DM, CMR1, D-Locus, PRA-PRCD, K-KB locus, CURL, and HC. Which I can send results to you upon request. The blue Merle in the picture is not available for stud service he is fixed. The dogs are half brothers, they share the same dad and are 1 year apart in age. Gus was born Nov 18, 2014. Gus has been breed once so far. 6 puppies came from the breeding. All healthy. The colors that came from the litter were black tri, red tri, red Merle and blue Merle he was breed to a blue Merle. Picture of litter in the pictures when they were really young and now older when owners got together for a puppy play date. Again he is only available for Stud and none of the puppies or dogs in the photos are for sale. If interested please email me at dereenders@gmail.com or call me