Breed:Maltese Studs
Age:21 Months
Stud Fee:$730
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Updated on:7/5/2022
Contact Info
Owner:Miracle Maltese
Name:Amber P.
Location:Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
Max has deep black points and a beautiful silky coat. His patellas kneecaps are tight and his bite is correct. He has the perfect babydoll short snout and tiny nose. His personality is fun, curious, compassionate, loves everyone, is very intelligent and all-around adorable. He is a full breed high quality Maltese and has much to add to the breed. We really want to get his genes and name to go forward, adding value to the breed and giving positive impact to the Maltese’s name for generations to come. With each Stud service Miracle Maltese provides honest, straightforward business practices that honor our Lord. Our studs come from well-established, healthy bloodlines, have veterinary certificates to assure they are in tip-top shape, and are tested for Brucellosis and other heath threats related to breeding. On top of regular health checks, Max has a clean diet of Natures Logic dog food and Nu-Vet vitamins. Max is 8 inches from shoulder blade to floor, and 11.5 inches from chest to rear. He is 4.0 pounds exactly, and comes from a breeder with over 25 years of quality breeding experience. He is loved dearly. In order to breed with Max, Miracle Maltese requires a recent health check and tests for breeding-related diseases.