Breed:Labrador Retriever Studs
Age:5 Years
Stud Fee:$1,000
Updated on:5/17/2022
Contact Info
Owner:Matthew Stauffer
Name:Matthew S.
Location:Tower City, PA 17980
Semkos All Sports Dog:Hello Matthew, I have a friend in OH looking for a fox red stud for her fox red female and I come across Lasers pic. Would you be able to give me a bit more info about him please, she needs an EIC PRA clear stud...also need to check make sure no close relations in their pedigree. I can put you in touch with her if youd like to talk to her about her female, she doesnt have an account here yet.
fend 1150:Hi, this Trent Witmer I have a yellow AKC registered female lab that Im looking for a stud. Was wondering if you are open for stud service
Laser is a fox red lab with a great temperament. He is a real go-getter at hunting and loves water. He is OFA certified hips and elbows. He is certified free of numerous genetic diseases including EIC and Centronuclear Myophathy. He is part American and part English.