Maximus Primus Aquilonis

Breed:Labrador Retriever Studs
Age:13 Years
Stud Fee:$100
Updated on:11/25/2017
Contact Info
Name:Michael M.
Location:Rockland, ME 04841
Max is a vigorous, well-muscled lab with a happy, energetic disposition. AKC Registered. OFA elbows Normal, OFA hips Excellent. Two successful litters of 8 pups each. Now 12 years old he can still jump inot a pickup truck. Tall and confident, he is a smart dog with strong eye contact, high emotional intelligence, and listens and learns quickly. Extremely good with children. His parentage is half english/half american, AKC registered on both sides. His father is a conformity champion - Belquest Buckcherry Sundaze. He is extremely athletic. Ultrafast swimmer. Strong retrieving drive in field and in water. No water is too cold for him. High energy, with intense focus and work drive. He is an ideal stud dog for a hunting dog line or energetic outdoor partner. I am based on Maine and I ask for $100 stud fee plus pick of the litter. Note - please call or text, dont email. K9 Stud sometimes takes excessive time to send notifications.