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GRDS CH Barton Creeks Night Moves

Breed:Labrador Retriever Studs
Age:4 Years
Stud Fee:$1,500
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Updated on:5/2/2019
Contact Info
Owner:Danna Hancock
Name:Danna H.
Location:Spicewood, TX 78669
AKC Grand Silver Champion, English bred stud. Yellow, OFA Excellent hips, Normal elbows, EIC, PRA, HNPK, Dilute and Long coat Clear, Full detention. $1,500.00 stud fee plus collection and shipping costs. Or a $500.00 service fee along with collection and shipping costs, with the balance to be paid after 2 live puppies are born. The $1,500.00 full fee will entitle the bitch owner to a repeat breeding if 2 or fewer live puppies are born. If the service fee option is used, then there will be no repeat breeding option. Progesterone testing on your bitch is required.