Breed:Goldendoodles Studs
Age:2 Years
Stud Fee:$800
Updated on:5/5/2022
Contact Info
Name:Destany C.
Location:Beaumont, CA 92223
Dcr9122:I apologize I didn’t see your comment. He is considered a medium. He weighs 50lbs and as for how tall he is I haven’t measured him. He has been hip tested pennhip he was excellent.
ramyv:hi is he available for breeding ?is he a standard doodle ?
Gdoodle:is you dog available this Sunday?
MLH004:Interested in Scooby. How tall is he at the shoulder, weight and has he had c his hips checked? Thanks 402.429.7006 my number.
I am running a stud promo sale So please ask He’s Healthy proven stud produces good size litters Price is for one day. There is a stud contract. If paying for two stud dates. There is a discount deal He does have proof of dna via embark Hips are excellent Eyes/elbows/cardiac normal He’s an f1 50/50 golden retrieverpoodle He weighs 50lbs borderline medium/standard Produces abstracts/red/creams etc also depends on your female. Produces great size litters has had a lot over 10 Please do not message me on here I’m rarely on it. If you can just text the number I provided for faster response