Breed:Goldendoodles Studs
Age:11 Months
Stud Fee:$700
Updated on:3/1/2021
Contact Info
Name:Destany C.
Location:Redlands, CA 92373
Handsome solid 62lb boy. Copper with some white chest. Has been embark tested with clean Health. He’s 50/50 poodle and golden retriever. Please don’t message if you are going to waste our time. The fee covers 2-3 mate sessions. Also, a re-mate contract for any reason the female doesn’t become pregnant from the sessions. Just a precaution I do. My boy has had one successful litter already from only two ties. But I’ll allow a third just to make sure if need be. I prefer to do day 10,12 and if needed day 14. Or you can do 9,11,13. Skip a day so that both dogs get adequate rest and energy in between sessions. Also only contact me if your dog is nearing heat and or started heat. Remember day 9-14 is the fertile peak or best bet is when the tail moves to the side. A non refundable small deposit before meeting will be needed to ensure your mating session and so that I know your serious. Once done I’ll have a very detailed contract ready prior to day of mating Via email. The remaining stud fee after small NR deposit is made will be due day of first mate session. There is a travel fee Also I do keep in touch, once my boy has tied because I like to make sure all is good by week 3/4 and make sure that you are being honest with pregnancy of your dog. Unfortunate to have to be this way but not many are very honest. To have a successful litter and future litters and great clients, you have to have a relationship with the studs family if you choose to continue a long line of legacies. More pictures upon request