Breed:Goldendoodles Studs
Age:3 Years
Stud Fee:$0
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Updated on:4/30/2021
Contact Info
Name:Eric S.
Location:West Sacramento, CA 95691
TheDoodleStud:Hi all, please email me to inquire.
lisagravem2:How big is Theo? Weight? Height? Thank you
TheDoodleStud:You can contact me at
Cjwilvers:Hi What is your email?
TheDoodleStud:Sorry everyone, I have not been able to check this lately. Let me know if Theo is still needed with the next heat cycle.
Vtollens84:Hello, Are you still providing stud, if yes how will this work out. My dog is a 2yrs mini golden doodle and shes been on the menstrual since lat week Sunday.
Ricblane:Hi. I am looking to find a mate for my Bordoodle. She’s currently in heat. I’m not looking to sell the puppies, I have family members who would love one of my dogs puppies, and I would like to keep one, possibly two. I live in Napa. Can you shoot me an email if this would work?
Eleanor209:My female Saint Bernard is in heat now looking to breed her. Let me know if you’re interested
Theo is an F2 golden doodle. He has a great temper and is good with other dogs and children. He resides in West Sacramento, CA. We ask for the sale value of one puppy or pick of the litter. Theo’s first litter of puppies was born the first week of July and all are healthy and happy puppies. They are blonde, apricot, and chocolate in color, and there were 8 total. Please email at my contact email, if interested.