Breed:Goldendoodles Studs
Age:7 Years
Stud Fee:$700
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Updated on:2/4/2023
Contact Info
Name:ron f.
Location:Pinole, CA 94564
ronniefallaha:Contact me by email or phone and I will send you his embark testing.
MLH004:Interested. How tall is he? Has he had his hips checked?
MLH004:Interested. How tall is he? Has he had his hips checked?
ronniefallaha:If you would like a referral from breeders we have had litters with let me know.
ronniefallaha:Toby has plenty of referrals from breeders that would say otherwise. Feel free to contact me and I will submit referrals upon request.
LisaLaRue:Im in Chico. How much does Toby weigh?
ronniefallaha:He has championed two litters so Yes he does well.
icemank9:Nice looking stud dog, is he persistent?
Toby is a F1 Goldendoodle and lives in Pinole CA. Genetic and health tested. He has No Breed-Relevant Genetic Conditions. Will send details of testing per request. Toby is super friendly, smart and great natured. He is a true non shedder and has the black nose and golden wavy hair that is desirable. Tobys Mom is a Golden Retriever weighting 75lbs and Dad is a white Standard Poodle weighting 55lbs. Toby weight is 68lbs and has great deposition with excellent health. Toby is very persistent regarding the breeding process. Will travel to locations within a 4 hour radius of Pinole CA so feel free to contact us.