Max IV

Breed:Golden Retriever Studs
Age:2 Years
Stud Fee:$500
Updated on:7/18/2021
Contact Info
Owner:Cg Golden surprises
Name:Jovanni C.
Location:Round Lake, IL 60073
Good Shepherd Goldens:Hi, Jovanni, My name is Laura Spaulding and my husband, Brad, and I own Good Shepherd Goldens. We would possibly be interested in breeding our girl, Millie, to Max IV. I would love to see pics of your lovely boy and also learn more about him temperament, past litters, weight, OFA clearances, etc.. Please contact me either by email or text me at 260-568-3044. Thank you.
Max the third is a 2 year old full AKC golden retriever with nice color .He is a standard golden retriever with pedigree of champions .He has sired 12 litters of puppies and has his health testing done.He is very energetic and will get the job done fast as long as dam lets mount .I recommend at least 2 natural ties price includes 2 sessions