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Breed:Golden Retriever Studs
Age:2 Years
Stud Fee:$500
Updated on:11/9/2019
Contact Info
Name:Ellie M.
Location:Mercer Island, WA 98040
Number:425 243-7132
Rocky is an English Cream AKC purebred Golden Retriever pedigree. He is 23 inches tall to shoulder, 63 lb in weight in perfect shape. His coat is curly and feels soft and smooth. Great color and a permanent black eyeliner very attractive. Hopefully all these can pass down to his pups. Rocky is great with people, kids and dogs. He doesn’t show aggressiveness and is well trained. Can do ‘leave it’, and off leash walking to follow owner closely. Rocky loves to run, hike, swim and play with other dogs. Loyal and always wait to greet you at the door. He is obedient and doesn’t jump on people. All vaccinations up to date. We are open to AKC and non-AKC registered dams Please bring your girl to my place to meet Rocky for stud service. A few hours in a day should be plenty. We have a big fully fenced backyard. Rocky loves to play in the back yard. Please send email or text for any questions or inquires.