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Breed:Golden Retriever Studs
Age:6 Years
Stud Fee:Pick of the Litter
Updated on:10/30/2019
Contact Info
Name:Kelly E.
Location:Yuba City, CA 95993
Maverick is a beautiful AKC registered 70 lb Male English Cream golden Retriever. His lineage goes back to Sweeden, Russia and Iceland. Maverick has been DNA tested Through Embark. Maverick has the sturdy English cream build, stocky body, blocky head, very creamy thick coat with beautiful feathering. He has passed basic service dog testing to date. We take him in public frequently and he is always a perfect gentleman. He loves to swim, play fetch, cuddle and take long walks on the beach. We are open to either a flat Stud fee or pick of the litter, which can be discussed. A phone call is required before sending documentation and additional photos. We are in Northern California about 40 minutes from Sacramento. Thank you for Your interest in our beautiful boy