Breed:Golden Retriever Studs
Age:4 Years
Stud Fee:$1,500
Updated on:10/21/2020
Contact Info
Name:Tammy H.
Location:Banks, OR 97106
Wcrozier:Beautiful dog, is he available forcstud service for non akc registered dog?
georrog:He looks like our Marley. We have a purebred without papers. We want to breed and not show. Marley is sweet, loves, loves, the water and just about the nicest dog we have had. Can you give more information on your stud service. My brother lives in North Plains. Thanks
Cheriseholmstrom:Is he AKC registered?
forestviewfarm:yes When do you need him? What breed is your female?
icemank9:Nice looking stud dog, is he persistent?
Proven AKC Golden Retriever Stud. Rifle is silky smooth, lovable, playful, obedient, lover of water and loves his family. He lives with us on our little family farm and enjoys the freedom to run around in the field and forest. He is available for Stud Service Contact us today to schedule your female dog to breed with Rifle