Breed:Golden Retriever Studs
Age:15 Years
Stud Fee:Pick of the Litter
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Updated on:5/24/2023
Contact Info
Name:Ryan M.
Location:Denver, CO 80219
ruthanncoveney:I have a 4yr old female looking for a date She has never been bread and is akc registered. Please call me at 830-281-1990
blainkrissy:Does he have clearances?
MissCarly:Interested Emailed you My email is
dalehollowgoldens:Hi I am interested in breeding my female. I am also curious if he has had his OFA clearances, on K9data, and if you do AI? Please contact me at Thanks.
Mkerner:Hi, i am interested in using your stud dog for my golden. Has he had any clearences? Not a deal breaker just curious. Please contact me at Thank Matt
sapotr:Beautiful dog. Is his info on k9data?
VibrantLion:Very persistent. Lol. A female in heat is like a drug to him
haleybehrman:I am interested in breeding my Golden with Lionheart. Please contact me if you are interested. Thanks Haley
icemank9:Nice looking stud dog, is he persistent?
Lionheart is no longer with us, BUT HIS SON IS A PROVEN STUD AND AVAILABLE. We bred Lionheart until the age of 10. He passed after a long, rich life of 12.5 years. Lionheart is a regal, AKC-Registered Golden Retriever male. Pedigree available and proven sire. He is a certified and working Service Dog, highly intelligent, loyal, obedient and loving. Gold fur, a boxy head, natural feathering and 80 lbs. Absent of hip/genetic problems, healthy and up to date on all of his shots. He was the calmest puppy Ive ever had the pleasure of raising. Pick of the litter or sale price of one of the pups upon 8 weeks of age. Call, text or email.