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Breed:Golden Retriever Studs
Age:9 Years
Stud Fee:$1,500
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Updated on:4/6/2018
Contact Info
Owner:Heroes Gold
Name:Nancy H.
Location:Elmhurst, IL 60126
Heroes Gold:To Icemank9.....Thank you for your interest in Pilot. We do semen analysis, as one of the steps, to assure the most successful pregnancy. He has sired 12 litters for us and for others. Please email me for more specifics about Pilot and his services. Thank you, Nancy heroesgold@comcast.net
icemank9:Nice looking stud dog, is he persistent?
After working in an Animal Hospital for 28 years, and many more years of communicating and developing friendships with our European breeders, we have come upon our dog of a lifetime....our European Creme male, Pilot. Pilot is 7 years old January, 2017, and a Proven Stud Dog, having sired 15 litters for us and other breeders. Many of his offspring can be seen on the family pages of our website www.heroesgold.com Everyday Pilot exhibits the true Golden Retriever character, that we all long to see in our lines. He is an eager learner, and possesses an unbelievable will to please attitude, making him a pleasure to live with, here in our home. Along with his lovely Golden Retriever spirit, his excellent health is all that we had hoped for, when he came to live with us, at 10 weeks of age. Pilot has Excellent hips, Elbows/Normal, OFA Heart/Normal Cardiologist, OFA Thyroid/Normal MSU, OFA Full Dentition, OFA Eye/Normal, PRA 1 - Normal/Clear Optigen, PRA 2 - Normal/Clear Optigen, and he is Ichthyosis free Optigen. Pilots current weight is 93 pounds. Further information about Pilot is available on our website. We do not offer natural breeding with Pilot. Fresh Chilled Semen is offered to approved females, throughout the USA, as well as Artificial Insemination for breeders that live within driving distance. We work closely, and successfully, with our Reproductive Veterinarian to assure healthy litters. We do have a contract with all details for your review, if you should find yourself interested in Pilot. He is a charming boy, and with his excellent health, he would be a wonderful addition to any quality breeding program. I am always happy to answer your questions concerning Pilot, his offspring, and his services. PIlots most recent semen analysis was completed this year, with results showing excellent quality, suitable for shipping. Pilots newest litter of 8 was born in Texas on the 30th of September, 2017.