Breed:German Shepherd Studs
Age:6 Years
Stud Fee:$700
Updated on:5/25/2023
Contact Info
Name:Melissa S.
Location:Coraopolis, PA 15108
Aislinn84:Not a long coat carrier. Does not carry for uncommon colors. Carries for black. Will not offer stud service to off colors outside the standard. If still interested you can email me
adamsmo1:Does he carry long coat or any off colors? What is his genetic COI? Thanks
Proven Stud with OFA good hips, normal elbows, and dm clear. AKC Registered and Titled in multiple venues with great temperament, drives, pigment, and structure. Dark sable german male with good pigment from german working lines with a fantastic nose, temperament, and great working drives. Versatile dog, easily able to work in multiple venues. Lives in house with a cat and has a nice off switch, settles in house and hotels. Quiet in the car/Great traveler. Excellent hunt, toy, prey, and food drives. Intelligent and confident, handler oriented, no handler aggression. Great temperament. Great on all surfaces and sounds. Has worked with sheep successfully, may trial in the future if we have enough time. Feel free to email with any questions, more information, photos, videos etc. Registration AKC Registered Health Tests OFA Hips Good OFA Elbows Normal DM Negative OFA Cardiac Normal OFA Dentition Normal EMBARK DNA TESTED ALL CLEAR Titles/Accomplishments FPr1, UPr1, BH-VT, ELITE 2, NW3-I, NW3-E, NW3-V, NW3-C, L2V, L3I, L1E, L2C, RN, DMA, DDAC, DDE, SIM, SCM, SEE, FCAT, HDM, AMA, BACH, SCNE, SWA, DJ, CAX, PKQT-COVID, ACHIEVERDOG, TKA, ICN1, STAR Was a SAR Trailing K9 for 2 years. Titled in IGP, AKC Scent Work, NACSW Nose Work, USCSS Scent Work, AKC Rally, AKC Dock Diving, AKC Lure coursing and Fast Cats, AKC Trick dog, and titled in parkour. Took multiple placements in scent work trials and dock diving, regional invites for Dock Diving 2021 2022, and the number 1 GSD in air retrieve for 2021 2022. Placed 8th at Regionals 2022 for both air retrieve and distance AKC Dock Diving earning an invite to AKC Nationals. Plan to earn our IGP1 in the fall. Stud Contract Offered. Available to approved females. Fee $700. Also offer shipped fresh cooled semen and frozen semen at additional cost in addition to stud fee. Puppies are healthy with bone, dark pigment, nice temperament, drives and off switches in the homes. Offspring now titled in scent work.