Astro de APEX

Breed:German Shepherd Studs
Age:16 Months
Stud Fee:$1,000
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Updated on:11/9/2020
Contact Info
Name:Alex M.
Location:Santa Ana, CA 92705
Astros personality is sweet, affectionate, gentle, calm, confident, playful, and eager to please. Qualities he will pass on to his puppies. He is large boned, and I predict his progeny will be over 100 pounds. He has a straight back and a short smooth coat. Astro was the pick of his litter. He has no faults and lives to please his owner, he is extremely intelligent, well-socialized. He will produce big, strong, healthy puppies with great personalities. He is AKC Registered. His sire was black/red and his dam was black/tan and he is a perfect mix of black with tannish-red in which his pups can be either black/tan or black/red.