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Goliath Von Haustorres

Breed:German Shepherd Studs
Age:4 Years
Stud Fee:$500
Updated on:4/26/2017
Contact Info
Name:israel t.
Location:Manor, TX 78653
Western blood lines long coat German shepherd stud fee may vary depending if you want AKC papers on the puppies. If you have an unregistered female price starts at 500 or two picks of the litter i am interested,and if you have AKC papers on your female and wish to have registered puppies stud fee is 1000 or depending if i an interested 2 pick of the litter and if you dont want papers on pups fee is only 500. That fee should be collected as soon as first breeding tie. Customer is more welcome to come back for a second tie the next day or 3rd day. Pregnancy is not guaranteed however will give a second time for free on next season if female does not come out pregnant. If female does not come out pregnant female owner will need to show proof If asked by the stud owner. Female may stay a few days or overnight if stud owner approves of it and has room for her, extra fees for maintenance and food will apply.