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Breed:German Shepherd Studs
Age:10 Years
Stud Fee:$900
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Updated on:3/23/2017
Contact Info
Name:Amanda M.
Location:Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Alvin is a 5 year import from the Czech Republic and member of our family He is registered with the FCI and certified with RSV2000 for hips and elbows. He is IPO1 titled and excels in agility, nosework and protection. Alvin has an extremely level head and gets along with other dogs, horses, children..ect. He loves to play with the ball, swim and jump. He comes from 4 generation titled in SChH1-SChH3. Stud service to approved females only. Females must be AKC registered, OFA certified for hips and have a level head. Please e-mail or call for more information You are encouraged and welcome to come meet Alvin before using our services Thanks for looking