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Ferro Vom Bergkonig IPO3

Breed:Doberman Pinscher Studs
Age:5 Years
Stud Fee:$1,500
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Updated on:1/21/2018
Contact Info
Name:Katlyn S.
Location:Pitsburgh, PA 15143
Number:412 352-4006
kschwarzy:For stud to approved females yes
tommygrock44:is he available
Ferro Vom Bergkonig is a direct import, fully health tested, and titled. He is one of the few 100 working line dobermans in North America. He earned his IPO1 under SV Judge Karl Deisenroth with an 89, 96, 96 and IPO2 with a 270SG under one of the toughest SV judges Raino Fluegge. Ferro was high in trial, high tracking, high protection at Keystone-Buckeye Hundesport Klub. He achieved his IPO3 May 13, 2017 with 100, 88, 95 - 283. Ferro competed on the Mid-East Regional IPO3 Working Dog Championship. He was the only Doberman entered in the championship and came in 4th place and high tracking and also acquired his FH1 title with 92 points. He also has his CGC, BH, AD, and Police Dog 1 titles. Health Results DNA DCM 1 and 2 - 0 copies 2016 Holter Normal 2017 Echo Normal OFA Cardiac Normal OFA Hips Good OFA Elbows Normal OFA Thyroid Normal vWD carrier CERF clear Full Kidney and Liver Panels Normal