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Shiloh, Beautiful AKC Solid Deep Blue

Breed:Chihuahua Studs
Age:21 Months
Stud Fee:$450
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Updated on:7/20/2017
Contact Info
Name:Kris G.
Location:Chester, VA 23831
sheiva03:Shiloh is persistent but showers his ladies with love
sheiva03:hi shiloh
icemank9:Nice looking stud dog, is he persistent?
Shiloh is a AKC registered beautiful 5 lbs 2 oz rare solid deep blue with white markings long coat Chihuahua. He is a proven Stud, he produces rare colors as of solid or tri-color chocolate, blue and lilac also called blue-chocolate or lavender. Most of his babies stay very small as an adult, fully grown Your Female has to be current on all of her vaccines including rabies and you have to bring your little female to the Stud for the breeding. If you are interested in breeding your little female with Shiloh, feel free to contact me for more information or any question you might have. Thank you for viewing my ad, Kris