Breed:Boxer Studs
Age:10 Years
Stud Fee:$1,000
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Updated on:4/16/2021
Contact Info
Name:Debra S.
Location:Buffalo, WV 25033
BoxerLOVER15:I have a black brindle with white markings, AKC registered female who is currently in heat and Im looking for a stud dog I have pics if you would like to see them Would you be interested? Please contact me anytime at 5402783767 if so my name is Russell Cox.Thank you for your time
Miss Black n Sassy Chloe:I am interested in possibly using Axle as a stud for my reversed boxer. Her name is Chloe. Shes three. Shes a house dog whos extremely smart and family orientated. Please call me at 7736649495. I can send pictures. She has all shots, and is akc certified pedigree.
AXLE is a Flashy Sealed Reverse Brindle. He is as perfect as they come with conformation, head shape muzzle. He has an outstanding personality full of life. He will throw beautiful seald babies everytime If your looking for color, conformation and personality HES YOUR STUD