Breed:Boxer Studs
Age:13 Years
Stud Fee:$800
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Updated on:4/16/2021
Contact Info
Name:Debra S.
Location:Buffalo, WV 25033
Bxrlvr2905:He wld love that
SaraBear17:Hes handsome. My baby girl isnt old enough to have a litter yet, but when she is I would love for Bentley to be her puppy daddy
Bentley is a Mahogany fawn, black mask and white markings. He has your PERFECT boxer build, look, head shape. He is an outstanding dog, extremely smart, and very affectionate. Bentley has NEVER shown any kind of aggression, and has the best temperament. He has PROVED over and over to be a great producer. He had more than 15 litters under his belt. He has an excellent build and full of energy. He will do anything you ask of him on command. Very easy learner and has great manners. You can see more pics and learn about the kennel on Facebook type in Grandview Ridge Boxers in the search bar. If your wanting an outstanding litter full of color, conformation and personality HE IS YOUR STUD