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Breed:Australian Shepherd Studs
Age:5 Years
Stud Fee:$500
Updated on:2/10/2020
Contact Info
Name:Aubrey H.
Location:West Linn, OR 97068
Lowkee is a 71.5 lb., purebred, and blue-merle Australian Shepherd. Fully registered with the AKC, which can provide his 15-generation pedigree. He recently had a negative brucellosis test. And is negative for Mdr1. He is current on all his needed vaccinations, which we can provide proof if needed. He is fully healthy according to his latest vet check up on 02/24/2020. He has no signs of hip dysplasia, which is big concern for his breed. Lowkee is truly a “good boy” due to his temperament. And not mention, he is very beautiful to look at with his bright, white chest his dual-colored eyes and his big, happy “smile” he wears all the time. Lowkee is being raised in a loving home. He is never left alone or kenneled/ crated he goes everywhere we go. He gets a lot of exercise being out and about so much, and at our local park by our house. He is helping us raise two young children, being our “first” born. We think he loves our young children more than we do. Thank you for considering Lowkee. And we hope you get to meet him soon and learn to love him like we do.