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Odien New York

Breed:Yorkshire Terrier Puppies
Age:5 Months
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Updated on:11/8/2018
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Name:Jürgen L.
Location:Stolberg, DE 52222
Sweet little mini Yorkshire Terrier Biro males similar to Biewer are looking for a new home at the beginning of January, we are dewormed 3 x, vaccinated 5 times, have the blue EU imprint, are chipped the Biro males have a dark chocolate so very dark brown coat brown, white, gold top excellent Stammbuch.Sind almost the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier änlich only in white brown gold with a brown nose. They get a veterinarian health certificate and their pedigree on their way. Her parents were exhibited and awarded many times, both parents have very good papers and ancestors and have championships. Mama is proven to be patella-free, liver shunt-free, locus tested B, E, D M and have a DNA profile. In addition, there is a starter pack for my eating habits, then they do not get so fast problems with the food conversion., Toys, Puppy tale with leash and a blanket. From our first-class, healthy mating of the parent animals, was in the foreground in the mating that we breed exclusively with healthy and purebred dogs.