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Toy Yorkie Puppy Boy Pluto

Breed:Yorkshire Terrier Puppies
Age:13 Months
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Updated on:10/20/2017
Contact Info
Name:Brandon L.
Location:Littlerock, CA 93543
Pluto is an absolutely cute darling toy size male Yorkie puppy. He was born in 7/2/2017. He got vaccinated and dewormed up to date. He is registered with CKC. He has compact body with short snouts and legs. He is going to grow up to 7 lbs. He also has nice soft/thick coats. His coat will turn out darker color such as black/gold or black/tan. He is very socialized and well behaved. He is going for $600. He comes with one year health guarantee written against genetic defects. I also provide some basic supplies such as food, vitamin, toy, pads, etc. I am able to ship the puppy within US. Feel free to ask me any questions. Call or text 323-819-0113. Ask Brandon.