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Breed:Wolf Dog Puppies
Age:7 Weeks
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Updated on:8/25/2014
Contact Info
Owner:Wolf Husky Pups
Name:Wolf D.
Location:Tampa, FL 33601
puppy_wanted:beautiful looking pups.
Hello and thank You for checking out Our ad Come see why We are the number 1 Hybrid site out there We list cubs for several small time family breeders so You have a selection without having to deal with a pet shop where the animals can come from puppy mills and be sick. We currently have breeders in CA, NC,NV, FL, UT and more We encourage pick ups so You can meet the parents and see how the pups are kept, but if You are not local all of the Breeders listed on Our site will fly pups to Your nearest major pet accepting airport. Our site offers live chat, available to help with questions right away. We also offer live puppy cam. Currently We have puppies priced from $900-$1200 but check often because We do have specials which lower prices up to $300. We also offer discounts on purchasing a pair. They keep eachother happy and there is nothing better in the world then watching two gorgeous pups play. Currently We have Higher content Black Phase timber wolf cubs , as well as Giant Alaskan Malamute x wolf puppies for sale and Siberian Husky hybrids. We occasionally offer other crosses such as German Shepherd x Timber Wolf , Mckenzie Valley River Wolf Canadian Timber , purebred Siberian Husky puppies , purebred alaskan malamute puppies and seppala sled dogs. We have blue eyed , yellow eyed, green eyed, and brown eyed pups available. We have short coat , medium coats and woolly coated puppies. We have solid white , solid black , sable , wolf gray , black and white , red and white and more Check out the sites www.wolfhuskypups.com or www.wolamutes.com Feel free to call, use the live chat or email Us anytime We are happy to help.