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Wolf Huskies-Fall 2017

Breed:Wolf Dog Puppies
Age:11 Months
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Updated on:5/19/2017
Contact Info
Name:Tamira G.
Location:Central, CA 92020
Number:559 734-3070
puppy_wanted:do you have more pictures of them?
We are a small family breeder of beautiful wolf huskies located in central California. Most of our pups are White Arctic, Timber Wolf, and Husky mix. We specialize in low and mid content wolf dog pups. All of our pups are well socialized with people and small pets. They are started on a worming schedule at 2 weeks and vaccines at 6 weeks. They come vet checked and with a Health Guarantee. They go to their forever homes with a small bag of puppy food, toy, and their vaccination record book. We offer door to door delivery to all of California and neighboring states. We also offer delivery to some other states as well. Shipping available to the US and Canada. Visit our Facebook Page or web site for lots of photos, buyer testimonials, and info. We have black and white low content pups now.